The idea you please because you know that your ceremony will be, there where you like it, and as need you!

OK, but what is it exactly?

It is a ritualized ceremony celebrating a wedding outside the religious. Reading interventions and selected rituals texts.

What to start?

Remember!… your meeting? What you lived together? What do you like in the other? Why get married? Your future plans? … and only after you can imagine the atmosphere of your ceremony and its contents.

Who will be the leader?

A relative or a professional who tells your story and will link between interventions, remember this is an ability that is not given to everyone!

The secret is to create the ceremony with him, it is not entrusted only reading what you have written, you will leave write surprise passages and manage interventions.

For a basic idea here is an example of the course lasting approximately 45 min.:

The leader sets out his "preamble": sit, cut your phone etc,.

then the bride and groom «enter»

then the intro of the officiant, the history of the couple,

and intervening relatives,

We do not forget the symbolic ritual chosen by the bride and groom, with the exchange of vows and alliances

the conclusion… And the output of the bride and groom (confetti!)

and the whole can be accompanied by music

The key word: "let go of you!' for decoration and installation, everything is allowed! And as you know, this is my job, I'm here to guide you and create a secular ceremony in Toulouse and in all the region Midi Pyrenees. For inspiration, it tells you to do a little on my Pinterest Board?